TRILAPHON 1 TRILAPHON 1 The first musical and visual composition of Trilaphon was born from a scenic creation that was presented at the Lliure Theater in Barcelona during February 2020. The play was inspired by texts by David Foster Wallace and was titled as one of his most atypical and inspired stories, Forever Overhead.

Quarantine arrived and we felt the need to continue the musical creation as the performative part was impossible due to the new pandemic paradigm. Rodolfo Castagnolo and Juan Navarro continued developing this sound space that we present here, between the cities of Mendoza (Argentina) and Barcelona (Spain). At the same time, Manel Barnils continued his visual experiments, digital and material, in his studio in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). The result is a triptych that offers us a leap into the void.

We do not know very well what kind of void, perhaps it is a jump to an idealized or naive nothingness, or to a form of abstract meditation that, at times, distances us from the predominant noise of this restless year.
The porosity of certain borders
PART I A calm breath that starts accelerating. Staying calm is not so easy. The cities are still illuminated despite being half empty. The new normal shows us clean blue skies, a good feeling in the midst of the confusion. Optimism is a highly valued state of mind these days, a good passport to cross borders. View
Radically concentrated story from the post-industrial era
PART II With the special collaboration of Gemma Polo.

Gemma's voice opens up a Pop atmosphere out of tune. Evil is just a shadow is the chorus of a Miley Cyrus song that Gemma loved. During rehearsals for Forever overhead, she told me that she would be happy if she could do a cover of Miley in the performance we were creating. This second part of the triptych tells us about an out of tune happiness that does not flourish. The same happiness that some bragged about during the first post-industrial years of the 21st century, and that was suddenly frozen. At the end, around minute 10.21, a melody can be heard, with some difficulty, inviting us to jump into the void. A void empty of concrete emotions.
Requiem. Death is not so bad, but it takes forever
PART III This Requiem is not dedicated to the deceased, but quite the opposite. It is dedicated to those who dream, to the naive, those who do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the passage of time and do not allow themselves to be infected by collective emotions and conspiracies. Also, to those who know how to find calm in the middle of an uncomfortable, transcendental old noise. Rodolfo's violins multiply like the laughter of a drunk at the door of a bar from which he was just kicked out. View
FICHA TÉCNICA MÚSICA: Juan Navarro y Rodolfo Castagnolo.
Con la colaboración especial de Gemma Polo.

VISUALES: Manel Barnils.

DURACIÓN TOTAL: 27 minutos 46 segundos.

Publicado el 8 de octubre de 2020.