ABOUT US JUAN NAVARRO Juan Navarro (Albacete, Spain. 1969).

Since the early 90's I have dedicated myself to the experimental performing arts. I have developed my work in this field as a performer, actor, director and, occasionally, musician. As a self-taught musician I have composed soundtracks for Theather plays and have founded different rock and roll bands. I have also used my addiction to music as a therapy to solve common day-to-day imbalances.

Trilaphon is a new artistic project that is born from music, noise, images, creating mental and physical spaces, emotional frequencies, potential architectures that are built between the artisanal and the digital, between reality and spirituality. The idea is to discover a sound/visual space that becomes an installation susceptible to being inhabited by someone in a post-pandemic future.
MANEL BARNILS Manel Barnils. (Barcelona, Spain. 1982).

Architect, Musician and recently specialized in Scenography Design. For more than two decades, I have been immersed in the audiovisual world that surrounds music.

I like exposing myself to audiovisual creation, clinging to a float of vague ideas, of impressions that vanish, tied to a cadence of repetitive notes that keep you in contact with the surface. Each process is a reunion with not-know-how as the engine for new creations.

The patterns and shapes learned from architecture and music are translated into analog elements that alter the digital world. Bringing pixels to life, caress screens, feeding and playing with the feedback until it saturates.

Guided by instinct again and again, my own and that of the machine, which inexorably lead to the unexpected, a forest of data, objects, pixels and matters that are unified on one screen.
RODOLFO CASTAGNOLO Rodolfo Castagnolo. (Mendoza, Argentina. 1962).

I joined a choir when I was a child. Then I studied guitar and got into the world of oscillations thanks to my brother who was studying Physics. At university, I studied violin with an internship in the symphony orchestra. Later on, in the University of Cuyo, I practiced as a musician with application in visual arts.

I was always hooked on the idea that music is part of a multimedia structure. Trilaphon is a hole in that which sometimes protects us. A place where the unexpected can appear, where we can also cross a border and risk ending up in a blank world, knowing that we have a hypnotic and abstract crystal in our hand.

Trilaphon explores the sounds pursuing the frequency that best fits a specific emotion. It creates plots where we can sustain ourselves to be able to say something, an encrypted sensation that will be decoded by time. Strings, cables, violins, guitars, processors, insects, motors, valves and compressors unfold this creative experience fueled by residual ideas from all our possible worlds.